a working student

i am currently working as an office clerk, but i am still an undergrad (i stopped schooling because of financial problems, which my parents can no longer sustain.. so i decided to work.).. i decided to finish my studies at night school. i am still starting but its get harder everyday..ngrrr.. when will i get use to it, am sure it would be great. imagine, even the enrollment period is bad- my working hours is parallel to my school’s working hours to (except on Saturdays…) well, it was so hard just to be enrolled and getting those subjects left. And i guess i need three to four more years to finish because there were changes. huhu(crying..) and also there is a belittle feeling in it, imagine that my classmates were taking this course (BSA) as there second one and to think they are younger than me! i cant help to cry inside. they were so lucky to have a straight life on there studies i wish i had there luck too. I hope they would continue and do good in the future .so hard to dream.. but i wont stop– i will keep on dreaming. you should too! what do you think?


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