Squeezing a Brain

Have you ever had a feeling of squeezing your brains out?

Well, that is what I am feeling right now. It is like squeezing a dry bunch of green leafy vegetables.

I am putting my self on an edge were i need to balance my work and studies while squeezing my head. You should  try that.I wanted to know if its capable of learning more than I used to do.And think more than it used to.

I sound weird right?

Actually, I am trying to challenge myself. I am like a lazy person(for me), who could and should do more hard work yet becoming a slow one. I want to change to a better me. Somebody who would live my given life to it’s fullest. Somebody who could do things other people say impossible for me to do. I wanted to be the person who creates impossible things for herself.

Now I sounded weird and greedy.

Looking at the past years that are wasted by my wrong decisions makes me feel like a dumb one. If I can just return and do changes. But I can’t.If I can look in the future to check if what I am thinking and doing in my life now did good to me there, just a glimpse of looking after a selfish result, to do more changes now. But I can’t. I have nothing to do but  squeeze a brain.



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