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a familiar feeling?

a familiar feeling?

July 22, 2012 @ 8:55 pm


a hilarious joke (hahaha)

i heard this joke yesterday and made me laugh a lot. it was hilarious for me, because it was told seriously..haha, so think of it as a serious narration…

three men went for a singing contest..

the first man said ” Ill sing Dry Leaves (Dahong laya)”

the second one said “ill be singing Falling leaves (dahong larag)”

what did the last man said?

try to guess before reading next line….


try to guess and don’t read in advance… your missing the funny moment..haha


the third man said “I wont be singing anymore, I better clean up the mess , too many leaves in here” (Manilhig nalang q, daghan na kau dahon dani!)”hahahaha


if u did not laugh then its not my loss,, but thank u for reading until this part.. 

maybe ill think this will be a silly one someday,, but thank u.

i considered one thing lately.. 

I just don’t live to learn … to love….and to experience wisdom…

I ALSO LIVE TO LAUGH.. it makes me feel good inside.. completing a good aura inside me..

try it.. try to laugh in not so funny-yet-make-it-look funny things.. even small and corny ones..

small ones make up the whole of the bigger HEART… you’ll see the difference of fullness and 

that bigger heart will give u APPETITE FOR LIFE..