Moving On from the questions that are coming back

Why do other people can’t be happy unless they hurt other people who made them suffer so much in the past? why cant they live on with life as they choose it to be? Are the prizes they have now made them think higher than those people? Questions are keep on coming back. 

My personal experience? I feel so sad and sorry about a woman who thought she won a trophy by showing it to me. She want to show off that she won against me. She should be happy and move on.I already accepted my defeat or rather my choice of getting defeated than to be into that game of confusion and lies. But that trophy is not meant for me to know she won.its meant for her. And likely…I don’t think its a trophy. Its pure happiness and nothing compares. 


That feeling. The freedom away from a game of hate and lies..confusion and play… is one of the best learning I ever  learned. Its the freedom towards loving yourself and getting away from a box I never intended too fit myself in. I feel so blessed to feel completely happy with those decisions. Its letting the butterflies free from a jar of no air. And seeing the flowers of the world. I might get stuck again…be deceived..but as likely, I got wisdom to move my feet and fly again. 


I don’t wanna feel guilty or sorry because i still made her feel that way. Like what she is holding now should make me feel sad. But I don’t feel that way, My first reaction was laughter but now thinking about very sorry.. the question.. HOW CAN’T SHE BE HAPPY WITHOUT FEELING TO BE THE WINNER? 


irony…but i will be selfish..(and HAPPY) hehe.. may God guide her to the pure happiness..same as what i’m feeling..every single day.. HOW GREAT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!!! ..amazing!!!


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