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It is a compilation of writings about my footsteps in life. To inspire and to remember.

Squeezing a Brain

Have you ever had a feeling of squeezing your brains out?

Well, that is what I am feeling right now. It is like squeezing a dry bunch of green leafy vegetables.

I am putting my self on an edge were i need to balance my work and studies while squeezing my head. You should  try that.I wanted to know if its capable of learning more than I used to do.And think more than it used to.

I sound weird right?

Actually, I am trying to challenge myself. I am like a lazy person(for me), who could and should do more hard work yet becoming a slow one. I want to change to a better me. Somebody who would live my given life to it’s fullest. Somebody who could do things other people say impossible for me to do. I wanted to be the person who creates impossible things for herself.

Now I sounded weird and greedy.

Looking at the past years that are wasted by my wrong decisions makes me feel like a dumb one. If I can just return and do changes. But I can’t.If I can look in the future to check if what I am thinking and doing in my life now did good to me there, just a glimpse of looking after a selfish result, to do more changes now. But I can’t. I have nothing to do but  squeeze a brain.




Well what can I say-


to the blog-policemen(if there are any) : “I surrender.”

to the reading public(if only your reading this) : “Please bear with me”‘

to my Blog-READING-mates(surrendered blog-addicts) : “Hey guys, we finally meet!, let’s have good times together!”

to all bloggers(yes all) – “Thanks for being generous enough to share your thoughts to the world!It makes me feel that our Earth is really small.

Everyday, since I had my home internet connection started( just last week,haha), I became curious and so much eager to learn lot of things in the net. I never knew I would be this close to the world(through those bloggers). I really like reading things, even in a piece of scratch, and those blogs made it very  dreamy. It is so nice to read from them, I really don’t care if its an amateur one( its funnier because I see myself as an amateur one) but to see people with no expertise at such things writes what they think?hmm i like it. And they made us “Entertained”. Thank you and please continue to do so. I dreamed to be like YOU someday.


The Most Powerful Thing About You

The Most Powerful Thing About You.

I guess, The most powerful thing about me is my curiosity and obsession on learning.

If I am curious into something, I get hooked up with it until it became a slight obsession. I won’t stop unless I’ve learned enough. It’s a passion. I think that is one of the few things I’m living for- Love for Learning.

a working student

i am currently working as an office clerk, but i am still an undergrad (i stopped schooling because of financial problems, which my parents can no longer sustain.. so i decided to work.).. i decided to finish my studies at night school. i am still starting but its get harder everyday..ngrrr.. when will i get use to it, am sure it would be great. imagine, even the enrollment period is bad- my working hours is parallel to my school’s working hours to (except on Saturdays…) well, it was so hard just to be enrolled and getting those subjects left. And i guess i need three to four more years to finish because there were changes. huhu(crying..) and also there is a belittle feeling in it, imagine that my classmates were taking this course (BSA) as there second one and to think they are younger than me! i cant help to cry inside. they were so lucky to have a straight life on there studies i wish i had there luck too. I hope they would continue and do good in the future .so hard to dream.. but i wont stop– i will keep on dreaming. you should too! what do you think?

Hello world! (This page is same as my about page- just re posting….)

Hi I’m PINKCATYMEA; I am 22 years old from the Philippines.

It’s my first blog site and I am so happy and excited in writing many things on it. I feel butterflies on my stomach just thinking of sharing my thoughts in different things like movies and other stuffs to the web. I am basically regular type of person. Nothing unique though, but I really like to think a lot and talk it out. And since I like facing my computer screen so much, why won’t I talk it here out? Yeah really…     Ha-ha (more of this and that).

My idea of making this blog is a result of my endless reasons… really… really… really… I am really like-reasoning-out-kind type of person. And that’s part of me. Like this blog, there will be so much of reasoning out to happen.

One of my reasons is because of my so envious thought. While doing some Google searching, I stumbled to a one WordPress page which made me grow jealous in having one. I’ve been stumbling over and over to WordPress pages before (I’m sure) ever since but I have never notice it, or maybe just left it out, And then here it goes… one cold afternoon inside an air conditioned room (ha-ha), with big eyes and not blinking, while surfing through the net, I have found a page in wordpress that talked about korean movie lists, imagine? She shared her lists about her favorite things and made a lot of people happy!

Like me! 😀 with all smiles… really, and that’s my reason, being happy, just happy. I dream of making other people happy too! I want to follow her and make other people happy just by sharing some stuff.

I know I am old enough yet I write like a very immature girl. So what? That’s still part of my reasoning out. Ha-ha. I know someday by being true to myself in writing this things, just by being immature, just by being carefree and being real, someday I would read this page again, maybe years or decades after, I will laugh and say to my old self… “It’s great to know that you’ve been there, that you have been real and young, and honestly immature, and thank you for being happy, I am grateful because I wouldn’t be this happy and strong if I hadn’t pass that period. Trust me. Just be you and I will not go back and regret all these things. Thank you.” Oh yeah, I sounds like I really love myself. Yes I love myself, why wouldn’t I? Ha-ha-ha.  072300H June 2012.

This blog will practically discuss about my Secret Diary and Hidden Lists..hahaha.. just about anything that I’m concern of. I hope that you will enjoy viewing these pages as much as my overwhelming feelings towards writing these childish and honest blog. (piece of advice- “I really like adjectives…hahaha” ).