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Online Job Scam (warning!)

warning! to you – on line job scammers.. yes you.i really really hate you. how could you use the net to scam people and specially my friend!! how dare you!! hehe..

any way.. this post is actually to those who are looking for online jobs. just a warning. when u look for  an online job which you think your capable of,   first- never bite in a sudden opportunity without even researching. yes, please do or you’ll end up like someone i know. it’s like running into an action scene- (in my own perspective. hehe)- u have to search the perimeters (or the area your getting yourself in) be ready and be  prepared. be inquisitive and don’t trust entirely to that person whom you think is your employer. research online or even ask some friend. ask Google.

I am telling you this so you will not waste your time to net-thugs, bully and scambags. heheh. and worst they might use you or your  personal information for another scam. be vigilant. OK. don’t give in until you are sure