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It is an encoded diary of a girl I know.She is someone with pure innocence that I am inspired with. I would like to encode it so if she lose it again, she might find it here and be inspired by who she was.The lost should be rewritten.

The First Time

Feb 8, 2007


Well, its not really me the “writing my thoughts” kind of person, but I heard a song about a girl’s diary so I realized writing my own! Why not? after all, it might help me in my writing skills and my penmanship that talks like a chicken. Anyway I am G.M. and nice to meet you. I have my profile on the frontpage if you mind reading it! okay okay, for the least of my reason, I am not good in memory so if I write what I am thinking, it may help me. So now I started.

Actually, I plan writing my thoughts a year ago but I just got busy in school so, It was lost in my mind just like other things I like  to do. for example, I like reading than writing but it crosses my mind that someday, I would like write a novel or a fiction book to publish all over the world.

I am turning 17 this Feb. 16. So Happy B-day to me!!! Right now I am listening in one of my favorite FM Station, “home radio”. I like there songs because they play soft music and mostly are mellow. I don’t like rock music cause it struggles my mind. I am waiting for the time to turn 3:00 pm so I can watch my fav Mexican Novela “Inocente de te”. Talking about “fanatics”, Iam not one of those who are very devoted with things monotously, like favorite actresses and actors. I just appreciate them but I easily get too bored with things like that. I’ll talk more about this next time.

Supposedly, I am downstairs and washing clothes, but I got bored and sit here and write. You can tell me and shout it to my ears that i am “lazy”. Yes Yes Yes. so fine! I might write next time but I don”t know when   will I write!

Nggggggggrrrrrrh!!! You know what i hate mosquitos! they are biting me here. I need to move now so bye! I’ll try to write next time. promise. muah muah muah and thousand of more but my hands are tired! bye!


See you next time.


“A person who don’t read books are same as a person who cannot read books!”